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  • We are so grateful for your support over the last 10 years. Some of you are falling on hard times right now and it breaks our hearts. We want to send some yarn love. 
If you have lost your job and need a project to work on please dm us. include your:
Most favorite and least favorite color.

It’s totally confidential, we won’t post the winners. 
We will pick 5 names at random and ship the kits free of cost. Kits will be made up of indie dyded yarn from the shop, random choices by the amazing #fourpurlsyarnista team. 
If you feel compelled to give too we’ve set up a product on our website called “Give a Kit” link in bio ⬆️ .
With each kit purchased, we will pick another name. You can also sponsor a half kit. 
Don’t feel bad if you don’t sponsor a kit. If you’ve ever purchased from us you’ve contributed to this project. 
Thank you! You can continue to treat yourself and know that you are helping us help others, we will put a portion of all of our sales today toward giving away more kits. 
#giveakit #fourpurlsyarnshop #sharetheyarnlove #yarnlove #winterhaven #supportsmallbusiness #yarngiveaway #baahyarn #emmasyarn #anzula #strandeddyeworks #lornaslaces #malabrigoyarn
  • Our yarn doesn’t always match our bag, but when it does, it’s usually @atentibags and @emmasyarn 😉
New bags from Atenti arrived yesterday and they have us in a spring mood 😊 this Seymour fabric pattern is available on 3 bag styles at Atenti Grand Tote, Atenti Backsac & Atenti Hope Basket 
#fourpurlsyarnshop #fourpurls #atentibags #emmasyarn #ifeellikespring #lys #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #iloveyarn #ilovebags
  • We miss our #fourpurlspeeps 
The mannequins are no substitutes you! We thank you for doing your part! 
Since you can’t come in to the shop today, show us what’s on your needles or hooks. 😀
#fourpurlsyarnshop #fourpurls #lys #wewillgetthroughthis #missyouall #showusyourknits #showusyourcrochet
  • Are you toe up or top down? Keep reading for a really great coupon code for these 4 sock patterns from @paperdaisycreations ( and check out the @emmasyarn Practicality Perfect Sock bottom left in the color After Party 🎉 ). Repost @paperdaisycreations with @get_repost
✏️📋 Introducing Socks of The Office! You can now pre-order the collection. Use code OFFICE to get the entire collection for ONLY $5!📋✏️
This four pattern collection was inspired by the television show The Office (U.S.) and will be released throughout the month of April! Whether or not you're a fan of the show, this quartet is PERFECT for any sock knitter... new or experienced! Two of the designs are toe-up and two are top down. Each one features different techniques for your knitting (and wearing) pleasure. Lace, cables, ribbing, texture, and even TASSELS (complete with a photo tutorial) are all found in this exciting set of patterns. I've linked resources to help you with any challenging techniques and I'm always available to help with questions!
I was so lucky to collaborate with some incredible indie dyers on this collection. Each yarn was so unique and I can’t wait to tell you all about them as each design is released. Dyers featured are: @leadingmenfiberarts, @emmasyarn, @anzulaluxuryfibers, and @savvyskeins. If you need some yarn while you wait to cast-on, be sure to check out their shops!
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