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  • Well, my honey-do list just got a little shorter 🙌 thanks to some help from Black Marlin Construction. More pics soon, I don’t want to spoil the surprise 😉
#wemissyou #fourpurls #lys #fourpurlsyarnshop #makingimprovements
  • Weavers! We finally have a post for you. This stunning scarf was woven by Sharon on a ridged heddle loom ( our favorite is the cricket loom by @schacht_spindle_company ) with a skein of sock yarn ( from her stash) and a skein of Fat Bunny yarn Poppy, which gives it the super cool texture! 
We put together a few great combos in case you want to make one too. One skien of Emma’s Yarn and one skein of Fat Bunny! Dm, email or call 863-662-8288! We’ll ship it right out!

We are so happy that everyone is staying busy making!! #stayhomeandweave #weaversofinstagram #weave #fatbunny #cricketloom #schachtspindle #cricketclub #fourpurlsyarnshop
  • We recently received our first shipment of Tussah Tweed! 
The fine, impressively marled surface characterizes this 100% tussah silk yarn. Tussah silk is known for its strength and rich golden hue, and is humanely harvested from wild silk moths. .
We have all 13 beautiful colors of this very versatile yarn in stock and ready to ship 🙌
We think it would make the most impressive Ranunculus from @knit_cafe_midori 
For the Ranunculus (in case you haven’t already made 8 of these 😉)
It’s worn with a lot of positive ease and somehow fits everyone in just about any yarn but it was designed in Tussah Tweed and this is the yardage range.
437 yards- 612 yards which is 2- 3 skeins of Tussa

#fourpurlsyarnshop #fourpurls #tussahtweed #ranunculus #lys #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #newproject #silkyarn
  • We’ve had some bag envy lately seeing Plystre Project Bags on the arms of our customers and we just had to get them for ourselves. .
We are super excited to announce that we are their newest stockiest!

@plystreknitwear is an Oslo based knitting brand, specializing in knitting accessories. They make effortless and functional project bags, backpacks and pouches - equipped to get your knit on to the fullest. “The Knitters Collection” is specially designed for the creative ones, a collection suitable for the modern knitter who loves to keep things beautifully organized.

We carry all 4 styles of bags: The Crossbody Project Bag, The Project Backpack, The Project Bag and The Project Pouch
#fourpurls #fourpurlsyarnshop #plystre #plystreprojectbag #plystrebackpack #plystreprojectpouch

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