Carson Demers Returns To Four Purls

Carson Demers Returns To Four Purls!
Saturday, January 25 & Sunday, January 26
By day Carson is a physical therapist who operates an award winning ergonomics program for a San Francisco medical center. Every other moment he’s knitting, spinning, designing, teaching, or otherwise up to some fiber fun – always with a watchful eye toward ergonomics. His passion and experience in fiber arts combine with his expertise in physical therapy and ergonomics to create a unique skill set that he eagerly shares with the fiber community to keep us all creating healthfully – and comfortably – ever after.

Carson teaches at knitting, spinning, and other fiber events throughout the US. He loved teaching at Four Purls so much last time, he couldn’t wait to return and we are so happy to have him back!

He will be teaching 2 great classes and will be offering knitting analysis

Click here to see his class offerings